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Fliiteboard is HERE at Austin Boats & Motors!!! 

Why choose Fliteboard? 

Fliteboard is the world’s most awarded eFoil with the highest quality among all of their competitors. Fliteboard features the widest range of eFoil boards for all experience levels as well as an integrated tech platform to enhance your experience! Purchase comes with a 2-year warranty and global support. The safety features ensure you will have a stress-free ride on the water! 


  • Speed: up to 35mph* 
  • Range: 30 miles* 
  • Duration: Up to 2 hours* 

*Varies due to rider size, experience, prop guard, and fin type 

Board Types: 

  • Fliteboard 
  • 28lbs 
  • 5’7” x 28” x 5” 
  • High performance versatility 
  • Suitable for all experience levels 
  • It’s no wonder Fliteboard is the most popular model. It planes early, making it easy to learn with, yet remains agile for advanced riders. Its modular design means you can teach friends the basics, then attach advanced wings to push your own performance. 
  • Fliteboard PRO 
  • 21lbs 
  • 5’0” x 25” x 4” 
  • Responsive and adventure ready 
  • Smaller board- perfect for lightweight riders, pros, or those looking to finesse their foiling skills 
  • Fliteboard AIR 
  • 28lbs 
  • 6’0” x 30” x 5” 
  • Built for the toughest adventures. Even learning. 
  • Inflatable and compact enough for you to take anywhere with you, and thanks to its durability, its stable and easy to foil with. 
  • Perfect for families, yachts, and Fliteschools. Simply Inflate and let the fun begin! 
  • Fliteboard ULTRA 
  • 19lbs 
  • 4’3” x 23” x 4” 
  • A pocket rocket for performance 
  • Looking for a more daring experience? The ULTRA is for expert riders looking to push their boundaries. It features reduced weight, a streamlined design and optional foot straps that make it perfect for waves, jumps, and racing! 

Wing Types: 

  • Cruiser Range 
  • Enjoy stability with the Cruiser Range. Thanks to larger wings, you can foil earlier and cruise at slower speeds. 
  • Great for beginners 
  • Stable to ride 
  • Easy takeoff 
  • Flow Range 
  • These high aspect eFoil wings are loose and maneuverable. They’re great for riding waves and carving on flat water. 
  • Responsive 
  • Higher aspect 
  • Increased Glide 
  • Great for waves 
  • Flow S Range 
  • The Flow S Range is the lower aspect version of the Flow Range, with increased roll rate for a loose ride and safer wing tips with decreased glide 
  • Medium aspect 
  • Great for waves 
  • High roll rate 
  • Speed Range 
  • Enjoy a fast and responsive ride with eFoil wings designed for higher speeds and controlled carving. 
  • Stable at speed 
  • Locked in carves 
  • Low drag, high speed 
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