Detail Your Boat

Deluxe Detail

$18 Per Ft.
  • Clean vinyl seats & apply UV protectant
  • Clean non-skid surfaces
  • Clean windows
  • Vacuum interior carpets
  • Wipe down interior surfaces
  • Apply mildew treatment

Gold Detail

$25 Per Ft.
  • Deluxe detail plus
  • Wax exterior
  • Polish exterior
  • Carpet wash

Platinum Detail

$30 Per Ft.
  • Gold detail plus
  • Apply marine rubbing compound to oxidized exterior surface

Acid Wash

Starting at $20 Per Ft.
  • Hoist, lift boat
  • Block, tape and prep waterline
  • Apply descale solution and agitate
  • Handbrush as necessary
  • High pressure wash entire hull bottom, transom and outdrive

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