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Merica Frost Buddy

Frost Buddy Cooler

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Frost Buddy Cooler took the internet’s hottest can cooler and made it better!! For all of your favorite 12OZ CANS, SLIM CANS, BOTTLES, AND 16OZ CANS & BOTTLES! You truly never have to switch koozies. Bring your new Universal Buddy anywhere and you’ll have all of your drinks covered and cold til the last drop! Each Frost Buddy has a double wall vacuum stainless steel seal.  Equipped with a rubber bottom so your drink never spills.  The flexible silicone lid ensures every drink is snug and does not slide out.  The taped design allows it to fit in almost every cup holder. Patent pending insert slides in and out  for 16oz drinks.  Keeps drinks cold all day and hot drinks for plus hours.  Frost Buddy is the only drink holder you need!

Whether you’re out on the boat, camping, grilling out, on the beach, or relaxing for the night, it’s better with a buddy!  Frost Buddy Cooler is available in a variety of colors and styles.


12oz Cans (Natty Lights, Busch Lights, Dr. Peppers, etc.)

12oz Slim Cans (White Claws, Trulys, Mich Ultras)

11.2oz Smirnoff Bottles

12oz Coors Light Cans

12oz Bottles (Bud Lights, Miller Lights)

16oz Cans and Bottles (Craft Beers, Bangs, Monsters)

16oz Coors & Miller Pints

16.9oz Soda Bottles



– Modelo Bottles

– 24oz Cans / Bottles


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