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Hyperlite Inflatable Boat Bumpers


An excellent value, these inflatable bumpers are going to revolutionize boat bumpers as we know them. Simply pull the plug on the bottom to release the air and they flatten to the size of a pancake.

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No more trying to store those large bumpers inside your boat.  Keep your boat storage free for your other important items. Simply blow up the bumpers when you are ready to dock.  Easy tie on hooks at the top and valve at the bottom.  Rubber is covered so you won’t mark up your boat.  Finally, docking made easy.

Modern boaters deserve a modern solution for protecting their boats and standard sausage fenders just don’t cut it anymore. They’re awkward, they shift, they mark, and they wreck the stylish aesthetic of your boat.   Help protect your boat with Hyperlite Inflatable Boat Bumpers from your friends at NXTLVL MARINE.

Hyperlite’s story: The year was 1991 and HO Skis released the first ever compression molded Wakeboard, it was called the Hyperlite and our brand was born. Wakeboarding Magazine released their premier issue in the summer of 1993 featuring Hyperlite Team Rider Darin Shapiro on the cover, it was official – The sport of Wakeboarding had arrived! As 2010 came to a close, Hyperlite introduced another groundbreaking product, the System Binding. In 2011 the System awarded the Innovation of the Year by the WSIA and voted as the innovation of the year by readers. In partnership with Transworld we released this Custom System Cover at Surf Expo 2011.

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 8 × 6 in