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Tyke Wakeboard boot


Tyke Wakeboard Boots by Connelly – specifically designed with an all-around smaller footbed to accommodate your grom’s foot. Smaller boots have less material which makes them hard to stretch. Tyke is equipped with Hinge Tech, your feet easily slip into and out of these boots. Lace adjustment lets you customize the fit. Lycra-lined molded heel and toe. Dual gorilla grips. One size fits most kids.

FEATURES of Tyke Wakeboard Boots by Connelly
Easy to use open toe boot
Thick EVA footbed
Lycra lined molded heel and toe
Lace adjustable


Our pursuit of crafting a comfortable, effective wakeboard binding didn’t end when we formulated our proprietary Lycra Lining in the 90’s. Although we had nailed the comfort part, we were still lacking in control.

Originally, wake board bindings were built on large, gnarly plates constructed with neoprene, rubber and long metal bars that supported the bindings. They were heavy, stiff and an inefficient use of space and made it tough for riders to connect with how their board moved through the water.

It was a simple yet extremely effective solution. In 2008, we reassembled the boot mounting circle from 8” to 6”, fashioning a slimmer chassis and a smaller footprint. This increased the natural flex in the board and offered a heightened sense of rider-to-board connection.

Today, this technology has developed into our Infinity baseplate system and acts as the standard for the entire industry. It remains the best fitting, lightest weight, and strongest foundation.