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This WOW 2K 60′ TOW ROPE is custom made to tow any tube up to 1-2 riders. This 2K rope also struts a floating foam rope buoy so rope is easy to locate in the water.

Features of WOW 2K 60′ TOW ROPE

  • 2375 Pound (1.08 Mg) Break Strength
  • Manufactured with minimum stretch design
  • Heavy-Duty 3/8″ 12 strand rope construction
  • Floating foam buoy

Tube rope:
Tube ropes are usually 60ft to make it less likely your riders will whip out dangerously. A tube rope also has more stretch than any other type of watersports rope. Be sure to check the rider capacity on each rope.

Water ski rope:
The standard length of a waterski rope is 70ft. For general waterskiing, the rope and handle need to have stretch. This is important to make the pull of the boat more forgiving at high speeds and reduce the shock to your arms from slack in the rope. Waterski ropes are available in 8 or 10 section styles if you want to customize length for beginner or advanced skiers.

Wakeboard rope:
Most wakeboard ropes are 75-85ft long. They come with sections so you can shorten or lengthen the rope to suit individual riders and wakes. As a result you can bring beginners closer to the boat for a flatter, narrower wake and give advanced riders a bit more length so they can hit the desired wake. Wakeboard ropes have low or no stretch to give you a more consistent pull from the boat.

Wake surf ropes:
Wakesurf rope is only 25ft long and has more stretch than wakeboard or waterski rope. Ropes for wakesurfing have a series of knots along them so you can pull yourself into the correct position before throwing the rope back to the boat.