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Phase 5 Scamp 2023



The kids’ Phase 5 Scamp  2023 Wakesurfer uses a wide stable profile that carries the right amount of momentum to stay in the wave. The thin skim style core provides exceptional float and maintains excellent rail sensitivity for the lighter rider. The tri-fin setup is configured with our 2” Skim Fin in the center, and Fakie 1” Skim Fins on the sides. This fin configuration locks the Scamp into the wave with plenty of drive and helps it turn on a dime. The Phase Five Scamp Wakesurfer is a great starting platform for young riders.

CONSTRUCTION FEATURES of the Phase 5 Scamp 2023:

E-Glass™ Wrap
1/2” Thick
Composilite™ Construction
Continuous Core
Polyester Resin
Tri Fin Setup
TuffCoat™ Gloss
Airbrush Art


 (1) 2” Tail Fin + (2) 1” Fakie Fin


 Scamp Skim Pad + P5 Techno Grip™ Traction v2


About Phase 5:

The idea behind Phase 5 Wakesurf Boards began over 30 years ago.  We have been perfecting this idea with our sister company Zap Skimboards.

Our company has listened to the desires of wakesurfers everywhere and combined them with the technology of building skimboards to perfect a finned board that would allow you to ride freely behind a wake boat. If you’re a seasoned veteran or a wakesurf beginner, we have the board for you. With over thirty years of smooth rides on our Phase 5 boards we are confident in the fact that we have one of the very best wakesurf boards on the market today.