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zen iusp by mission


Zen ISUP by Mission

Let’s go!

Added thickness brings more stability to your next paddle, but you don’t need to be zen master to enjoy it. Why not bring your dog? Or pack an extra cooler? Sure, you could practice your standing warrior, but you could also bring a date long. You know, to enjoy the zen.


Every ZEN iSUP by Mission purchase includes:

  •  Aluminum Paddle (3-piece adjustable)
  • Fin (with an extra set of hardware)
  • High-pressure manual pump
  •  Backpack storage bag with roller wheels
  •  Repair Kit (just in case)

Inflated Dimensions:

12’ x 32” x 6”

Extra stability.

A knit drop-stitch internal core, and two extra side fins, give you the max float and stability of the TRIDENT iSUP line.

More float.

With 6-inches of inflatable thickness, ZEN is ready for you and your +1.

Doubled-up durability.

Dual-layer construction delivers twice as much material on every surface for maximum durability.

Here at Austin Boats and Motors we offer a variety of sizes and styles of iSUP and SUPs.  Whether you are a beginner or more advanced rider, we have the board for you.  Our parts department also carries a full line of sun protective products and clothing to keep you out on the lake longer.  Looking for a jacket for your favorite pup? We have that too!  Check out our full line of Follow products for you or your pet.

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