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Origins Pro 12" Ski Package Gold


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1 in stock


The Origins Pro 12″ ski package is a first for follow. We started in ropes and handles all those years ago and now we bring our expertise to the course. High grade rubber grip, with reinforcement for ski tip protection. Clear line protectors to watch if damage is occurring.

Our first impulse as a brand ten seasons ago was to create a better handle for the rider.   Follow has expanded our line and grown into a greater company than ever imagined, but our dedication to producing the best quality handle in the industry is still there.

Our Pro Handles are still the handles our team uses today. Calibrated for performance, quality and capability, the pro handles are not just as stylish as they come, they are also as hard working as you need them to be.  For instance, custom end caps and injected foam-filled bars give the assurance you need that every Follow Pro Handle is a powerful ally along for the ride.

Staying true to our earliest motivations, we created a brand, undistracted by fads, that we and our friends are proud to wear. Making our lifestyle our work and our work our lifestyle. Focused on our vision of building better product, Follow lives and breathes this sport.

Origins Pro 12″ Ski Package Construction Features

— Low stretch.
— 9 section.
— IWWF compliant.
— Knotless mainline.
— Available in 12 inch and 13 inch.
— Available in 3 thicknesses .949, 1.030, & 1.125.

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