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4k tow bobber


The 4K Tow Bobber from WOW is a modified tow rope that will enhance your towing experience immensely.  One problem that all tube riders face – tow rope getting caught in the water on the whips.  The Tow Bobber solves this problem.  The Tow Bobber is a 60 ft. tow rope with a bullet-shaped. Heavy duty nylon covered inflatable that keeps the rope raised above the water.  This allows the tube to pull cleanly back and forth over the wake.  The tow rope has 3 sections, each of a different length, that adjusts based on the wake of your boat.  The Tow Bobber will reduce drag, protect against snap backs, and improve your overall ride.  Try it and see the difference.  You wonÍt ever want to ride without one again.

Features of the 4K Tow Bobber:

  • New bullet shaped aerodynamic tow design with high visibility classic red and green bobber graphics
  • 4K Tow Bobber tow system designed to enhance the performance of 1-4 person towables
  • New Adjustable segmented rope system comes in 3 sections each of a different length, that adjusts based on the wake of your boat
  • 4k Tow Bobber will help keep the rope out of the water and wake, absorb shock and enhance fuel economy, reduce the submarine effect for easier takeoffs, reduce stress on the tube and cover, keep the rope straighter, reduce rope spray, and increase visibility of the rope in the water
  • Custom wide strapped reinforced tow system
  • Heavy-gauge PVC bladder with heavy-duty full nylon cover
  • Inflated size: 38IN X 27IN X 27IN  97CM X 69CM X 69CM

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Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 6 in