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MOB – Wireless Man Overboard System

New Mandate for Boaters in Texas- be informed!

Effective September 1, 2019, motor boat operators in Texas are now required by state law to attach engine cutoff switches when boats are moving at greater than headway speeds. HB337 was recently passed in response to a 2012 boating accident off the Texas coast involving Kali Gorzell, and her family’s subsequent efforts to enact legislation in several states. HB 337 applies only to motor boats that are equipped by the manufacturer with an engine cutoff switch and are less than 26’ in length.

Don’t want to be in the red? Install the wireless Man Over Board system!

The MOB+ provides greater freedom of movement than a traditional kill switch lanyard, and stops the engine should you fall overboard. Up to four xFOBs can be connected to the xHUB™ at the same time, with one unit acting as the captain’s stop unit, and the additional three as alarm units for passengers.