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Imagine trying to learn to surf in the ocean for the first time in 10 foot barreling waves. No way! Wake surfing is the same: beginners and children should start at the most mellow setting of the Tige/ATX Go Surf system. This allows the rider to get outside of the wave much easier when starting off. Ballast bags do not need to be full for kids, but should be full for beginner adults. Surf waves are always a matter of preference, but these are some good tips to get you started! 

Advanced Riders:  

The Tige/ATX Go Surf system allows for easy transitions between steepness settings and surf sides. With one touch, you can adjust the shape of the wave; even while you’re surfing! For advanced riders, fill all ballasts and set your wave to the steepest setting. Set your cruise control to 11MPH, and then adjust from there. 

How to weigh your boat for a variable wave: 

Placing more weight in the front of your boat will lengthen your wave. Contrary, adding more weight to the back of your boat will make the wave steeper.  

The distribution of body weight in your boat will also change the shape of your wave. Moving a majority of the body weight in the boat to the side the wave is on will clear up the wave. This also applies to body weight in the bow. The more people in the boat, the better.